Are you ready for the next United Way Relay?
JUNE 30, 2019





Runners and walkers of all abilities, age 8+, will come together to form teams from family, businesses, clubs, neighborhoods, friends, or other groups. Each runner completes a ½ mile leg then passes the baton to a teammate. Each walker completes a ¼ mile leg and passes the baton. You can do it—but not alone!

Help relay our message that when we work together, we can make our whole community healthier—whether it’s helping moms get the prenatal care they need, improving access to basic care, or collaborating across our health systems to improve community-based care.


  • Running relay is 2 miles on a track; each team member runs ½ mile (2 laps). Walking relay is 1 mile on track; each team member walks ¼ mile (1 lap).
  • Runners and walkers must register as a member of a team of 4.
  • $120 per team of 4, or $30 per team member.
  • Teams of 4 may be comprised of any mix of age (8+*) and gender.
  • The Relay has 4 race divisions: Family/Friends, Business/Organization, Walking, and Competitive.
  • A runner may participate in multiple divisions and teams, but each participation counts as a separate entry ($30/entry).
  • A runner may not compete as part of different teams within the same division.

*any runner needs to be able to complete 2 laps running

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